How is Technology Positively and Negatively Affecting the Teenagers


Ever since technology has become something that everybody has access to, even teenagers, the debate on whether or not it is the right thing has occurred. Many parents agree that their children have benefitted from having technology, while others choose to ban it early on in their households. Keep reading to find out how technology can be both good and bad at the same time. 



Positive Impact of Technology on Teenagers


Faster Communication

One of the primary benefits of technology when it first came out was how it made communication super convenient. Thanks to technological advances such as phones, teenagers get to communicate with utmost convenience. It makes it safer for them to attend social gatherings and other events where they could require a phone. 

Online Classes Availability

As seen in the latest pandemic of Covid-19, students had to pause their entire semesters. However, this was soon to be changed thanks to technology and one of its advances where students and teachers could attend a virtual class online and discuss school matters to resume their education. It has since proved successful and is the very reason technology is praised. 

Negative Impact of Technology on Teenagers

Unhealthier Lifestyle: Laziness

Anything in excess can be damaging. Using technological devices like phones can be harmful to teenagers, especially as it can be a great distraction. Teenagers may get distracted before school and not get enough sleep causing them to be lazier and be more open to procrastination. 

Misuse of Internet: They Have Access to Adult Content

Younger teenagers can also misuse the internet by accessing stuff they should otherwise not be able to. Things such as adult content and other inappropriate content. It is why some parents keep wary of having their children use technology often. 

Parting thoughts 

It is evident that using anything in excess can be harmful. Using technology as a convenience more than a need is a way for teenagers to go. 

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